Buffalo CoolFlow Jeans

Buffalo CoolFlow JeansFreedom Motorcycles in March had kindly ordered these in for us as they didn’t have our size when we first visited them. These are textile biking trousers (I wouldn’t call them ‘jeans’ since that word conjures up a denim type of material or style which these aren’t) and we liked them when we saw them as they had large sections of mesh to allow cool air in as well as having the normal armour that would be expected of biking trousers.

The XXL seemed to be the right waist size for me (the XL would have been too small) but the big downside is that the leg length assumed a height in proportion to the girth such that the trousers were far too long for me. Even when sitting on a bike the trousers were scrunged up. I guess that these were design for a 32-34 inch inseam rider and I am a 28/29! Obviously, it’s not easy to turn these up as the design and materials aren’t ideal for easy user adjustment. Also remember that the knee armour has to be in the right place – below the knee isn’t the right place in an ‘off’. It seems that the bulk of motorcycle clothing is manufactured for the ‘average’ rider (whatever ‘average’ might be) and dealers tend to stock what sells best and if you’re the kind of guy that happily straddles a BMW GS then you’d be happy with these. If you’re like me and can’t flat-feet when sitting on the average Japanese bike with the seat in the lowest position, then you’re in trouble.

I think that the solution for hot weather trousers is going to be another pair of motorcycle jeans. I already have a pair of Hood motorcycle jeans which are quite comfy and cool but might choose something else as an alternative and supplement them with my waterproof overtrousers if it rains.

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