My Wife Has Bought Some Kinky Boots!

Frank Thomas Kinkee Boot

Well, actually, they are called ‘Kinkee’ and are made by Frank Thomas. They are described as a full leather construction, designed and styled specifically for the lady rider. Though Fran├žoise has a good pair of Alpinestars boots, she is concerned that they may not be so comfortable for hot weather riding and walking around in. So, over the past few months she has been looking for stylish and comfortable boots. Unfortunately, the motorcycle clothing industry has just woken up to the fact that there are a lot of lady riders out there and designs for women are only starting to trickle onto the market.

After visiting nearly all the motorcycle clothing outlets within a 50-mile radius of Cambridge she has eventually settled on a pair of Frank Thomas Kinkee boots. They are styled for ladies, made of leather and have a full waterproof but breathable lining. Importantly, Fran├žoise finds them quite comfortable and hopes they stay comfortable in daily use. We’ll post an update as her experience with them grows.

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