Those Boots Were Made for Walking

BMW Sneaker 2 Boots

A while ago I mentioned that I was interested in a pair of Sidi Canyon Gore Tex boots. Infinity Motorcycles in Peterborough kindly ordered in a couple of different sizes and I tried them on. They felt good and so I bought a pair. They are also quite comfortable to walk around in so these are going with me. During a very hot spell in the UK a couple of years ago, I was on the look-out for some short and comfy boots and bought a pair of BMW Sneaker 2 boots (pictured left). I seldom wear them as for short commutes they are a pain to get on and off (they are lace-ups and need tensioning at every pair of eyelets). However, having stumbled across them I thought that they are quite light and compact and will do as a second pair for the trip. Even though they are slow to put on and take off, they are quite cool and comfy and I only need to go through that process once a day.

Fran├žoise is still on the look-out for another pair of boots. While her Alpinestars are good, they are a bit heavy for walking around in and get a little tight as her feet swell a bit in hot weather. We’re going to take a look at the new BMW Sneaker 3 boot shortly. It looks better to me as the laces seem simplified and easier to do up but Fran├žoise prefers the styling of my Sneaker 2s over the 3. We’ll take a look and see how she gets on.

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