The Quest for New Boots

Sidi Canyon Gore Tex Boots
Sidi Canyon Gore Tex Boots

My Frank Thomas Gore Tex boots have done me well. I bought them in 2002 and they haven’t leaked, they keep my feet warm and are very comfy. A zip broke earlier this year but Frank Thomas replaced the zip for an all-in charge of £10 which I think is excellent value. The only downside to this boot is that they have chunks of silver-coloured plastic on them at various points for, I guess, both ‘style’ and protection. These ‘silver bits’ have now turned a yucky yellow colour making the boots look quite tatty. Even Françoise agrees.

So, the quest for new boots has begun. I want something that is practical and protective but, at the same time, to look good and still be comfortable for walking around in when off the bike. Whatever equipment we buy, it is always a compromise of some kind – the ultimate in protection may not be the best in terms of weight, comfort or walking around in and the most comfortable may not be the most protective, and so on. My ‘compromise’ is to have something that gives reasonable protection but scores highly on comfort and practicability. Many boots on the dealers shelves seem to be race boots or moto-x boots but I want something that is more in keeping with summer riding in a mesh jacket and Kevlar-reinforced jeans rather than full leathers.

I’ve looked at quite a few boots and not much seems to appeal to me. There is one exception and that is the Sidi Canyon Gore Tex boot. I think it’s quite stylish and the single buckle, while looking like something from a ski boot, adds a certain style to it. I also like the fact that the closure is Velcro only – so many times I have been frustrated by zips snagging on gussets or inner linings when being opened or closed. Searching the Web shows very favourable reviews and so these appear high up on my ‘wish list’.

The only problem I have right now is finding a local dealer that stocks them. I can find them on the Web and can buy by mail order but I want to look at some first hand and try them for size before committing myself. I might have to pop down to London to find these boots once I have exhausted all the local (60-mile radius) dealers.

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