Our Riding Gear (So Far)

Spada Fighter Air Jacket (Silver) Clothing is an important part of the preparation for this trip and I’m conscious that I haven’t said too much on the subject lately. So, a quick round-up of where we are. Firstly, I bought Françoise and myself a Nolan N43 Air Helmet each for Christmas. I had this kitted [...]

Blogging from the Road

I have been asked if I plan to update this blog as the trip proceeds and I had thought that I wouldn’t because it will be enough to carry our camera gear on the bike without having a laptop too. I suppose that it’s possible to log in from an Internet café but then I’d [...]

Factory Tour Cancelled

I was informed by the tour operator a little while ago that the Harley-Davidson factory tour of their base in Milwaukee was no longer possible. It is not totally clear why this is and it is suspected that the recession has meant that production has been scaled down and/or certain processes have been moved elsewhere [...]

Camera Bag

Billingham Hadley Pro Camera Bag I haven’t mentioned much about my camera gear yet so here goes with the first post on that subject. Françoise and I are keen photographers so, naturally, we are going to take some kit with us. We’ve both got digital SLRs and will take 3 lenses each and perhaps a [...]