Now, where was that photo taken?

Sony GPS CS1 Have you ever asked yourself that question? Well, the answer is called geo-tagging. I have a Sony GPS CS1 which is a bit like a satnav in that it uses GPS satellite data but instead of telling you where to go, it records where you’ve been (some more advanced satnav units can [...]

Those Boots Were Made for Walking

BMW Sneaker 2 Boots A while ago I mentioned that I was interested in a pair of Sidi Canyon Gore Tex boots. Infinity Motorcycles in Peterborough kindly ordered in a couple of different sizes and I tried them on. They felt good and so I bought a pair. They are also quite comfortable to walk [...]

Join our E-mail List

Keep in touch with this blog via e-mail We have been asked if it is possible to subscribe to this blog to get notifications of new posts via e-mail. It appears that this isn’t a standard feature of the blogging software (WordPress) but I’ve found a plug-in (Subscribe2) that appears to work quite nicely. Like [...]

We’re Back on Track !

I’m blogging again! I haven’t been blogging here for ages. Family circumstances and other commitments had much of my attention at the back end of last year. Also, the winter months meant that I did little riding and so seldom had need to visit bike dealerships to see what they had. Besides, Fran├žoise and I [...]