Hurrah for Hood Jeans

Hood Motorcycle Jeans Well done to Hood Jeans. After last-minute visits to dealers to see what would could be obtained as summer riding trousers, I resorted to ordering another pair of jeans from Hood Jeans. I already have a pair of Hood jeans with which I am pleased but wanted something a little different to [...]

Staying Cool, Part 1

CamelBak Classic After reading through the Info Pack, we noted that hydration packs and cool vests were highly recommended. The start of the journey in Chicago should see some moderate temperatures (currently about 27°C) but as we head into week 2 and approach the Mojave Desert we expect temperatures to climb. We decided to avoid [...]

My Wife Has Bought Some Kinky Boots!

Frank Thomas Kinkee Boot Well, actually, they are called ‘Kinkee’ and are made by Frank Thomas. They are described as a full leather construction, designed and styled specifically for the lady rider. Though Françoise has a good pair of Alpinestars boots, she is concerned that they may not be so comfortable for hot weather riding [...]

Our Riding Gear (So Far)

Spada Fighter Air Jacket (Silver) Clothing is an important part of the preparation for this trip and I’m conscious that I haven’t said too much on the subject lately. So, a quick round-up of where we are. Firstly, I bought Françoise and myself a Nolan N43 Air Helmet each for Christmas. I had this kitted [...]

Those Boots Were Made for Walking

BMW Sneaker 2 Boots A while ago I mentioned that I was interested in a pair of Sidi Canyon Gore Tex boots. Infinity Motorcycles in Peterborough kindly ordered in a couple of different sizes and I tried them on. They felt good and so I bought a pair. They are also quite comfortable to walk [...]

The Quest for New Boots

Sidi Canyon Gore Tex Boots My Frank Thomas Gore Tex boots have done me well. I bought them in 2002 and they haven’t leaked, they keep my feet warm and are very comfy. A zip broke earlier this year but Frank Thomas replaced the zip for an all-in charge of £10 which I think is [...]

Buffalo CoolFlow Jeans

Freedom Motorcycles in March had kindly ordered these in for us as they didn’t have our size when we first visited them. These are textile biking trousers (I wouldn’t call them ‘jeans’ since that word conjures up a denim type of material or style which these aren’t) and we liked them when we saw them [...]

Nolan N43 Air Helmet

We weren’t considering helmets at the outset of our planning since we already have them (I have a perfectly serviceable BMW System 5 helmet and Françoise has a nearly new Caberg Justissimo helmet). However, two things prompted me to look at helmets. Firstly, it will be hot and I want to be cool. Especially so [...]

Choosing the Right Gear

The two key things when choosing motorcycle clothing are comfort and protection. Once these two are cracked, the next decision makers become style and price. Trying to get all four items to your liking is a near impossibility especially as there is a wide selection of bike gear out there and dealers tend to stock [...]