Day 14: The End of the Trail

The end of the trail in Santa Monica Today, we ride the last stretch from Victorville to Santa Monica. Gary gives us our usual riders’ briefing before we set off. Not only do we have to watch out for potholes on California’s poor quality roads but we have to watch out for the traffic. We [...]

Day 1: Arrival in Chicago

Chicago as seen from the Willis (formerly Sears) Tower The flight was comfortable, the food was reasonable and I whiled away some of the time by watching Shutter Island (it’s good). Arrival at O’Hare and getting to the hotel was a different matter. Our travel packs told us to get the shuttle bus or a [...]

Ready for Departure

Well, the big day has arrived and we desperately rush to complete our packing. As our flight to Chicago is at 11am we have to check-in at least 3 hours in advance, we decided to stay overnight at Heathrow to avoid what would have been a late night and a very early start. We searched [...]

The H-C Travel Info Pack

H-C Travel Info Pack The H-C Travel info pack arrived a couple of weeks ago and is most impressive in terms of information provided for the preparation for the trip as well as for the trip itself. Well done to H-C Travel! Only one downside though – they provide a ‘taster’ DVD which turned out [...]

Route 66 as a Guided Tour

Route 66 is the old route that connects the east with the west starting from Chicago and going across to Santa Monica on the west coast. It travels through a variety of terrain ranging from flat open plains to mountains, deserts and canyons. It is no longer the main highway – it was superseded by [...]