The Book is Out !

Well, actually, the book has been out for some time as I completed it at the end of 2010 but I have had so many enquiries about it that I have published details here. Since I had the photographs and much of the text in this blog describes the journey it didn’t take too much [...]

Day 11: The Grand Canyon

The Colorado River winds its way through the Grand Canyon Well, the day has arrived for one of the big highlights of the trip. Actually, that’s not true. Let’s just say that this is another of the many highlights of this trip. When booking the trip, the wording suggested that we could ride to the [...]

Day 8: Rest Day in Santa Fe

Bike and Burro, Santa Fe There was no rush to get up today but we did so anyway as we wanted to catch the early morning light which was casting some great shadows. Since the hotel had no restaurant we had to go out for breakfast and so we took our camera gear with us. [...]

Day 1: Arrival in Chicago

Chicago as seen from the Willis (formerly Sears) Tower The flight was comfortable, the food was reasonable and I whiled away some of the time by watching Shutter Island (it’s good). Arrival at O’Hare and getting to the hotel was a different matter. Our travel packs told us to get the shuttle bus or a [...]

Ready for Departure

Well, the big day has arrived and we desperately rush to complete our packing. As our flight to Chicago is at 11am we have to check-in at least 3 hours in advance, we decided to stay overnight at Heathrow to avoid what would have been a late night and a very early start. We searched [...]

Staying Cool, Part 2

TechNiche Deluxe Cooling Vest The other item of apparel that is highly recommended according to the H-C Travel Info Pack is a cooling vest. Now, these things aren’t easy to come by in the UK since much UK motorcycle clothing is designed to keep riders warm and/or dry such is the normal UK climate. We [...]

The H-C Travel Info Pack

H-C Travel Info Pack The H-C Travel info pack arrived a couple of weeks ago and is most impressive in terms of information provided for the preparation for the trip as well as for the trip itself. Well done to H-C Travel! Only one downside though – they provide a ‘taster’ DVD which turned out [...]

Blogging from the Road

I have been asked if I plan to update this blog as the trip proceeds and I had thought that I wouldn’t because it will be enough to carry our camera gear on the bike without having a laptop too. I suppose that it’s possible to log in from an Internet cafĂ© but then I’d [...]

Factory Tour Cancelled

I was informed by the tour operator a little while ago that the Harley-Davidson factory tour of their base in Milwaukee was no longer possible. It is not totally clear why this is and it is suspected that the recession has meant that production has been scaled down and/or certain processes have been moved elsewhere [...]

Join our E-mail List

Keep in touch with this blog via e-mail We have been asked if it is possible to subscribe to this blog to get notifications of new posts via e-mail. It appears that this isn’t a standard feature of the blogging software (WordPress) but I’ve found a plug-in (Subscribe2) that appears to work quite nicely. Like [...]