Day 14: The End of the Trail

The end of the trail in Santa Monica Today, we ride the last stretch from Victorville to Santa Monica. Gary gives us our usual riders’ briefing before we set off. Not only do we have to watch out for potholes on California’s poor quality roads but we have to watch out for the traffic. We [...]

Day 13: It’s Hot in the Desert

In the Desert on Route 66 We are now in California and there is still some desert to cross. The heat of the Mojave Desert is very noticeable. Gary tells us that a cold front is passing over so it is only about 105°F – last week it peaked at 128°F. Even so, it is [...]

Day 12: Rugged Terrain Ahead

Old Dodge Truck at Hackberry We skipped breakfast at the hotel in order to have a bite at Westside Lilo’s Café in Seligman. The food and ambience were excellent. Behind the café was a field with lots of classic cars in various states of decay. Naturally, I wanted to photograph them and Gary warned us [...]

Day 10: Standin’ on the Corner

Standin’ on the Corner in Winslow, Arizona Today, our destination was Williams for the second of our rest days but our first stop was the Petrified Forest National Park. Again, we were given a fixed time to wander around and take photographs before meeting up at the end of the road. We could have easily [...]

Day 9: Wild Hogs on the Loose

Wild Hogs 2010 After having breakfast in town (there is no restaurant in the hotel), we move out of Santa Fe and continue our journey. Today’s destination is Gallup but our first stop is not far away in a small town called Madrid where the film Wild Hogs starring John Travolta was filmed. We visit [...]

Day 7: Passing Through Texas

The Stanley Marsh sponsored art exhibit ‘Cadillac Ranch’ Gary warned us again about the right of way for traffic entering and leaving the Interstate that runs parallel to Route 66. In Texas that means that cars may cut straight in front of you even if you appear to be on the main road. It’s a [...]

Day 6: Show Me The Way To…

Bikes outside The Big Texan Steak House and Motel I’ll leave you to guess the destination while I hum a Tony Christie song in the background… Today was a day full of surprises – much to see, much to do, and much to photograph. Our first stop was the Route 66 Museum in Clinton. This [...]

Day 5: Rains on the Plains

Rain on the Harley-Davidson FireFighter Special It was a wet day. In fact, it was a very wet day. We delayed our start in the hope that the weather might clear a little and also give EagleRider, who were sharing the same hotel, a head start so we didn’t get mixed up with them. I [...]

Day 4: The Longest Day

Kansas Route 66 sign in shop window Gary told us at the morning rider briefing that this was to be the longest ride of the trip. Today was to be 316 miles taking us through Missouri, Kansas and into Oklahoma. We had already observed differences between the quoted mileage in the information pack and what [...]

Day 3: Rolling Over to Rolla

Neon Sign – Route 66 Museum On our second day of riding we started to settle down to a pattern – get up at 6.15am, shower and dress, go for breakfast, pack bags, load truck at 8am, and leave at 8.30am. We’d spend much of the day on the road, arriving at our hotel between [...]