Staying Cool, Part 1

CamelBak Classic After reading through the Info Pack, we noted that hydration packs and cool vests were highly recommended. The start of the journey in Chicago should see some moderate temperatures (currently about 27°C) but as we head into week 2 and approach the Mojave Desert we expect temperatures to climb. We decided to avoid [...]

Blogging from the Road

I have been asked if I plan to update this blog as the trip proceeds and I had thought that I wouldn’t because it will be enough to carry our camera gear on the bike without having a laptop too. I suppose that it’s possible to log in from an Internet café but then I’d [...]

Now, where was that photo taken?

Sony GPS CS1 Have you ever asked yourself that question? Well, the answer is called geo-tagging. I have a Sony GPS CS1 which is a bit like a satnav in that it uses GPS satellite data but instead of telling you where to go, it records where you’ve been (some more advanced satnav units can [...]